HomeworkMarket – PO leader said during the convention.

According to him, the Israeli side is « more experienced in space communications, has more instruments, but the existence of media communities (…) means that the balance of power is different. » « Beyond the ridiculous anti-Semitic voices, is full of entries kind » – noted Zybertowicz.zobacz also Jonny Daniels combines the Holocaust of Jews and Poles’ « Haaretz »: Polish historian warns Tel Aviv against dialogue with the Polish »He stressed that Poland should communicate » in a way systematic ». « We negligence. We can say that the Third Polish Republic disarmed state with instruments of action in the public space » – rated Zybertowicz. In his opinion, « in today’s world narrative it is the first line of defense of dignity. » Inquired about how Poland should fight uncritical citation by the Polish foreign media publications talking about her story noted that both Poland and Israel « built their identity heroistyczne the displacement of the field of knowledge of the dark side. » « As far as Poland since the book + Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish town + Jan Tomasz Gross has been subjected to a sample of education – she was often dishonest, devious – many Poles realized that our past is the dark side and we must also work through, I have a feeling that many opinion leaders in Israel was not even aware of this process, « – noted Zybertowicz. « This crisis is the Israeli-Polish and Polish-Israeli say, but because it is not we – I think – it initiated, is for the entire system and societ (suite…)

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