Unhealthy Testosterone Levels In Women: forces and Symptoms

Unhealthy Testosterone Levels In Women: forces and Symptoms

Its easy for a womans testosterone amounts become too much or too low. And because testosterone is an integral hormone into the physica human body in women and males alike a testosterone imbalance might have quite a direct impact on your health insurance and wellbeing.

So read on for more information on unhealthy testosterone amounts in females including factors and signs. ( And forget that is dont you should check your testosterone without leaving house with EverlyWells Testosterone Test. )

Female Testosterone Levels

Though testosterone is generally regarded as a male hormones, its really a hormone that is incredibly important women also. In reality, women will often have greater testosterone amounts than estradiol levels. (Estradiol may be the bodys form that is main of, that is commonly seen as a feminine hormone. )

Testosterone in Women: just What It Does

Here really are a few roles that are key can play in a womans wellness:

  • Repair and development of bones
  • grows muscles
  • Decreases unwanted fat (in post-menopausal females)
  • aids a healthier libido or sexual drive
  • might help decrease vaginal atrophy (which does occur most frequently in post-menopausal females)
  • might help help cardiovascular wellness

In order you can view, normal testosterone amounts in females may have numerous useful impacts. But way too much or not enough for this hormones might have less-than-positive impacts on the human body.

Lets begin by discussing testosterone that is low.

Signs and symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women

What are a few testosterone that is low in females? When you have low T:

  • The hair can start to thin
  • your skin layer could become drier
  • Your sexual drive might be dampened (one reasons why some females with low testosterone decide to undergo testosterone treatment)
  • you may lose muscular tonus, too (meaning low testosterone amounts arent exactly appropriate for #summerbeachbodygoals)
  • a rise in unwanted fat, along with mood changes (including greater anxiety), also can stem from lower-than-healthy testosterone levels
  • intimate disorder, bone tissue loss, and general lack of power are a handful of other possible low-T symptoms


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